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BIOPROFILING in a few words

The BioProfiling platform was established with the financial support of the European Union and Wallonia, under the ERDF-ESF 2014-2020 programme. This project, involving teams from UMONS and ULB, is part of the Wallonia Biomed portfolio, which focuses on four key areas: imaging, immunology, human biological samples and BioProfiling.

This project has received 3.4 million euro of funding to acquire advanced equipment for the identification and quantification of biological markers.



The BioProfiling platform consists of two perfectly complementary technological platforms: a «MetaVision» platform, dedicated to small molecules, and a «MS-Quanta» platform, shared with ULiège, dedicated to macromolecules (proteins). It is located at UMONS, which is recognised for its expertise in NMR spectroscopy (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and mass spectrometry, and already has many researchers and instruments in this field. The platform is open to all in the biotechnology sector – universities, research centres, hospitals and businesses.

technological platform


The “Méta-Vision” platform is based on NMR technology and will be dedicated to metabolomics. This innovative approach is used to analyse all the small molecules (MW <1500 Da) present in a cell, an organ or a biological fluid at a given time, and under specific conditions, in order to identify a metabolic signature. A structural identification of potentially intersting molecules could be also performed by 1D and 2D NMR


Spectrometer RMN

600 MHz Bruker AVANCE™



> Metabolic analysis (NMR-based) in body fluids or in tissues (HR-MAS NMR)
>Structural identification of organic molecules (1D and 2D multi-nuclear NMR)
> Study of the mechanisms associated with toxic and pathological events
> Identification of the metabolic signatures of a disease
> Development of alternative methods to test the effectiveness and/or toxicity of chemical compounds and drug candidates

Technological platform


The MS-Quanta platform is based on mass spectrometry for the identification and absolute quantification of much larger molecules, such as proteins. This platform is based on targeted SRM/MRM proteomics technology and data-independent acquisition (DIA). These two approaches are used to quantify more than 100 targets in one analysis, and they avoid the pitfalls of immunological approaches related to the use of antibodies.

The particularity and the advantage of the MS-Quanta platform is to have two complementary and perfectly coordinated units (multi-site platform), one located within the BioProfiling platform (UMONS / ULB – WALLONIA BIOMED Portfolio) and the second within the GIGA-Proteomics platform (ULiège – BIOMED HUB Portfolio). This «two-headed» structure satisfies the requirements imposed for the validation of biomarker candidates, namely:

  • Independant instrumentation methodology
  • Broadband (high speed)
  • Multi-sites studies

Bioprofiling project


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6 av du Champs de Mars. Level 3, “Pentagone” building
University of Mons,
7000 – Mons


Prof. Ruddy Wattiez

Email : Ruddy Wattiez

Phone : +32 (0) 65 37 33 12


Metabolomics : Prof. J.M Colet
Structural aspects : Prof. Sophie Laurent


Dr. Baptiste Leroy

Acces and charges

The Bioprofiling platform provides infrastructure, service and development for research and education in proteomics and metabolomic and mass spectrometry at different levels : Collaborative Research, Industrial cooperation, Training and education.

Technical services
  • Access to technological platforms
Intellectual services
  • Feasability study
  • Knowledge and technologies transfer
  • R&D formation for companies
Bilateral projects and Collaborative projects
  • Contractual research
  • National and international calls for project
  • PhD thesis
  • Internships

We provide a fee-based service for external clients. Contact us at an early stage.

If you have an interesting project and plan to include proteomic or metabolomic strategies, first step is to contact Prof. R. Wattiez, Prof. J-M Collet or Dr. B. Leroy to arrange for a project discussion meeting. Sample preparation, suitable protocols, project planning and more details will be discussed in the meeting.